Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The FOM organizes several programs for undergraduate students during the year. Both campuses, Madrid and Toledo offer undergraduate courses throughout the year, in Spanish only in Toledo and English and Spanish in Madrid.

The programs are:
• Academic Year (September-April/May)
• Semester Programs (Fall: September-December; Spring: January-April/May)
• Summer Intensive Programs (June-July)
• Short Term Programs
• Faculty-Led and Custom Programs

Academic Year. Madrid and Toledo
Students may study for the whole academic year (beginning in the Fall and ending with the Spring), but can also combine Spring with May or Summer courses. Students may consider the possibility of combining programs in Madrid and Toledo.

Semester Programs
The Fall semester goes from the beginning of September until mid- December. The Spring semester starts in early January and goes on until the end of April or mid-May.

Summer Intensive Programs Madrid and Toledo
The Fundación offers a wide range of courses also in the Summer, from Art History, Political Science, Spanish Language, Culture and Literature, Cinema to Psychology. The Internship courses are also taught during Summer.

Short Term Programs. Madrid and Toledo
Students can take advantage of an intensive immersion in Spanish culture to study different interesting topics as Three Cultures in Spain (Christian, Jewish and Muslim).

Faculty-led and Custom Programs. Madrid and Toledo
The Fundación is highly qualified to help universities to create faculty-led & custom programs with the support of our specialized and experienced staff in Madrid and Toledo.

Courses both in Spanish and English: Art History, Business in Spain, Spanish Culture, Globalization & Media, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Corporate Social Responsibility,
Sensation and Perception, Cross Cultural Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology, Biological Psychology, Neuroscience, Spanish Language and Literature, and World Religions. Other subjects can be taught following the approval of the corresponding universities.

Several courses are focused in Research Laboratory in Psychology and Neurociences & Internships in companies and institutions. Art History course takes place at the museums once a week.

All courses in Spanish: Politics, Archaeology and Anthropology, Arts, Philosophy and Religion, Spanish and Latin American Literature, Spanish Language, Cinema and Theatre, Economics and Business, Community Engagement and Internship courses. Other subjects can be taught following the approval of the corresponding universities. Students take advantage of living in a small but open community to participate in different voluntary or credit granting activities.

All students have the opportunity to attend to several cultural visits at outstanding places.

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