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SMU Fashion Week: Presented April 1-5 by arts and business students

The Center of International Studies San Juan de la Penitencia (our campus in Toledo) was founded 30 years ago

“Impressions of Europe” : SMU's Meadows Museum presents a restrospective of the work of Spanish painter Martín Rico, March 10 – July 7, as part of a partnership between the museum and the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid.

Founders' Day Weekend, April 18-20:Reconnect with classmates, professors and students and celebrate the spirit of SMU during our third annual Founders' Day Weekend

In 2013 SMU is commemorating The Year of the Library, the 100th anniversary of the founding of SMU’s first library, which began in Dallas Hall in 1913.

Asian-American Heritage Month is cerebrated during April at SMU.

The first hundred years of SMU have been world-changing. We can’t wait to see what the next hundred bring

The Mayor of the city of Dallas extended special recognition to the SMU-IN-SPAIN Program celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2009.

The Wave by the Spanish artist and architect Santiago Calatrava, is a massive kinetic sculpture at the entrance to The Meadows Museum

The Prado at the Meadows: El Greco, Ribera, and Velázquez in a New Context

Comments & Blogs

Travel, eat, learn, love, and become involved in a culture that is growing around the world, and especially in the United States.

It was a great learning experience coming to Spain!

My semester at the Fundación was an unforgettable experience.

Algún día me gustaría regresar a la Fundación y volverme a sentar en sus aulas

I learned so much about Spanish history, art, culture, and literature. I will always cherish the amazing memories of my time in Toledo.

Fue una experiencia inolvidable e influyente y me encantaría volver a experimentarla de nuevo

I have struggled to find an answer to the question : “How was Spain?” What could I say? Great. Unbelievable. A different world. 

Loved the Program! Wonderful experience. It was incredible

I have returned a different person, and a piece of Toledo will always be with me.

Great experience! Best time of my life! I want to come back
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