Former students said

Former students said

Former students said: in a couple of words, that´s what they said!!

“Best personal and academic experience ever!“

“Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed but, thanks to the welcoming staff at the Fundación, I immediately became part of the Spanish life“

“The time of my life!“

“Great learning opportunity“

I will always miss my morning “café con leche”, and “churros”! I will never forget them!

“Excellent organization“

“My life will never be the same, somehow I turned to be a bit Spanish myself so, when I will be back in the States I will see my own country with very different eyes“

“Professors at trips are the best!“

“The staff at the Fundación is great, always caring and willing to help!“

“It is not easy to integrate a new culture except if you are friendly and open-minded.“

“Great Program! No changes needed“

“I do not want to go home! Thank you! “

“Keep up the good work! One of the best life experiences“

“I would recommend this Program to anyone because it is perfect for all kind of students.“

“You are wonderful!! Thank you so much for everything. “

“Everyone was very nice, understanding, friendly, open, helpful and approachable. I love them all!!“

“Great experience! Best time of my life! I want to come back“

“Loved the Program! Wonderful experience. It was incredible“

“Staff very helpful and always having the door open for assistance.“

“I will remember this program for the rest of my life“

“Very caring and helpful staff!“

“I love Spain and the Fundación!“

“It was a great learning experience coming to Spain!“

“Mi estancia en España ha sido la mejor que he tenido nunca“

“Fue una experiencia inolvidable e influyente y me encantaría volver a experimentarla de nuevo“

“Tuve experiencias muy buenas e hice amigos que nunca voy a olvidar pero sobre todo recibí una magnífica educación por parte de ustedes“

“Algún día me gustaría regresar a la Fundación y volverme a sentar en sus aulas“

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