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Studying abroad in Spain will give you the chance to understand the Spanish culture as well as many aspects of the European culture. The Fundación Ortega – Marañón (FOM) will offer you the possibility to study at one or both of our campuses located in Madrid and Toledo.

Most courses have an out of the classroom component, with visits to museums, corporations and institutions like the Parliament. Our faculty take advantage of the important cultural resources available in Madrid and Toledo and they combine academic coursework with practical learning, tours, theatre and field trips, to create an integrated cultural experience.

museumsMadrid and Toledo are cities with a very important historical background, already present in its museums and monuments, and a modern and lively daily life.

trip to Alhambra in Granada

Trip to Alhambra in Granada

visiting "La Ciudad de las Artes" in Valencia

Visiting “La Ciudad de las Artes” in Valencia