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The campus of the Fundación Ortega-Marañón in Madrid is located in the center of the city.
Madrid, capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan and welcoming city, which offers a wide variety of cultural activities, entertainment and artistic events (some of the best museums in the world, theater and musical performances).

Further information about Madrid is available at the official webpage of Madrid Council: http://www.madrid.es


Our campus in Toledo, the Center for International Studies, is located in the heart of the city and it offers the opportunity to live immersed in a quiet provincial city, only half an hour from Madrid and with all the advantages of the 21st century. The Center is designed to provide individual attention to students who can participate in activities in the city (from volunteering to the Internship Course or Service Learning Courses), studying a variety of courses, developing their sports or hobbies or living the everyday life of families in Toledo.  Toledo is a beautiful city in the center of Spain where many people lived, from the Romans to the Arabs, and all left behind artistic traces of their past.
Further information about Toledo is available at:


trainMadrid and Toledo are connected by a high-speed train which takes less than half an hour. This proximity offers you the possibility to attend courses or activities at either of our campuses.


locationBoth Madrid and Toledo are very well situated in the center of Spain: you will have the chance to travel all around Spain easily and cheaply. Madrid has a very large international airport with extensive connections to all destinations in Europe and the world, which will allow you to visit all the European cities you always dreamed of.